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CDA Academic Accommodations


Attendance Policies

Attendance in class is expected for students participating in the university experience. However, if a student’s condition directly impacts their ability to attend class on a periodic basis, some flexibility might be necessary and appropriate.

Classroom Assistants, Readers, and Scribes

Student may be approved for the use of a assistant, reader, or scribe in the classroom to aid with tasks that are significantly impacted by a student’s condition. This accommodation is dependent upon the student’s limitations and the course requirements.

Exam Accommodations

Exam accommodations vary but can include extended time, a reduced distraction location, a private room, the use of a reader and/or scribe, the use of a computer or assistive technology, and/or additional breaks.

Flexibility with Deadlines and Due Dates

Depending upon the impact of a student's condition, an accommodation may be to allow for extended time to complete and turn in assignments, papers, or projects.

Materials in an Alternative Format

For qualified students, the Center for Disability & Access will assist in making books and course materials accessible. Possibilities include books in an audio format, electronic books, materials in Braille, screen and text recognition software, materials in CD or MP3 format, and enlarged text.

Note Taking Services or Audio Recording of Classes

Students may be approved for a paid or volunteer note taker in classes, or may be authorized to audio record lectures.

Reduced Course Load and Extended Programs

The Center for Disability & Access may approve students with disabilities to enroll in a course load of less than full-time status.

Substitutions for Course Requirements

On occasion, when a student’s specific disability would prevent them from successfully learning and completing the mathematics or foreign language general education requirements, the Center for Disability & Access may consider approving substitute courses for these requirements.


Last Updated: 12/29/22